Improved efficiency to boost your bottom line is something every business wants. The problem is each business has different operating needs. Thankfully, Freedom Institution can customize a cash management system based on your needs.

Sweep accounts, ACH origination, and other elective services will be individually tailored to your company. The concentration, collection, and disbursing of funds will be easier and more effective. Let us show you how to streamline your financial operations with our suite of cash management services.

  • Save money and reduce accounting errors
  • Gain greater efficiency and save time
  • Originate ACH files or import ACH files from other software
  • Recurring ACH files
  • View Statements and check images online
  • Pay bills online
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Have multiple users with different access levels
    • ACH deposit and ACH withdrawal transaction limits
    • Transfer transaction limits
    • Account access limits
  • Secured multi-factor authentication image phrase and token
  • ACH Origination Fees:
    • File fee $10
    • Item fee 5¢
    • Return item fee $1.25
    • Notice of Change $1.25
ACH Services

Make and receive electronic payments with ease. Using our Automated Clearing House (ACH) system, you can distribute payroll, transfer funds electronically, pay vendors, and a whole lot more. ACH can help to make funds available sooner than checks deposited and reduce paper waste at the same time.

  • Payroll direct deposit
  • Make electronic tax payments
  • Pay vendors with full control of when the payment will post to your account
  • Efficient and secure
  • Reduce paper
  • Schedule one time or repetitive collections and payments
  • Consolidate funds from multiple banks into one concentration account
  • Enjoy better collection rates on recurring payments

Save time and make money by turning receivables into cash quickly and efficiently. With this service, payments are received directly at a designated post office lockbox, with immediate processing and collection throughout the day.

We provide complete reporting, copies of all items, plus all additional information submitted by customers, so you can streamline bookkeeping and manage your money efficiently.

  • Expedite collections and credit of funds to your account
  • Control your cash sooner to maximize earning potential
  • Reduce clerical and handling costs
  • Image checks and associated documents for more efficient bookkeeping
  • Customized searches and enhanced internal controls
  • Browser based, no additional equipment required
  • Available 24/7